system update

The Wii U firmware update 4.0.0 is now available on the Wii U.  The download is approximately over 700 MB large, and it may take time to download depending on your internet connection.

Features included with this update:

  • Ability to output to the Wii U GamePad a picture of Wii-only software
  • Added functionality to automatically receive software to deliver from Nintendo
  • Corresponding input by USB keyboard
  • Added settings Nintendo Network ID
  • When using the Wii-only software, Dolby Pro Logic II surround output
  • Now possible to start the “friends list” from the Wii U menu.
  • Automatic receipt of the software
  • Select the sound output of cable TV
  • Updated audio settings
  • AV audio out w/ HDMI
  • Wii U Chat now allows for headset use.
  • Internet browser allows you to fast-forward/rewind videos with triggers
  • Save username/password for websites
  • Ability to view PDFs in web browser
  • Wii U can now capture full resolution pictures

Source: GoNintendo (Link 1, Link 2) and NeoGaf