According to the Wall Street Journal (via 4traders), Satoru Iwata is unhappy with the Q2 results, but he doesn’t believe a major strategic overhaul is necessary. Iwata says the success of Nintendo’s Wii U and the future direction of the company is currently riding on the holiday season.  Iwata says Nintendo executives will review the results of Wii U’s holiday performance to decide what the company will do, over the long-term, about the console’s future.  He believes that upcoming releases such as “Super Mario 3D World” and “Wii Party U” could turn around the Wii U’s current situation.

Satoru Iwata told reporters that reaching the forecast of 9 million Wii U’s sold is still achievable by the end of the fiscal year.  Nintendo has only reached 5% of that goal in the first six months of the fiscal year according to Bloomberg.  Total worldwide Wii U sales are reported at 3.91 million units sold so far.

 Sources: Dow Jones / Wall Street Journal , 4traders, NeoGaf