Speaking with Venture Beat, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says it’s only a matter of time before big publishers like EA and Activision support the Ouya.

“The publishers are always late to the newest business models. Is it likely an Activision or an EA will come to Ouya? Absolutely,” said Uhrman.

Uhrman says it’s unlikely that big publishers will bring games like Call of Duty to the platform, but she believes they could bring more unique, experimental titles that fit better with Ouya’s philosophy and community.

“The reason I don’t have a Call of Duty or a Madden or a FIFA on Ouya is because there’s a perfectly good place to play those games today,” said Uhrman. “When those publishers come to us, they’re going to bring the perfect game [for] our platform … It won’t be the same thing.”

One week ago, Uhrman told Polygon that they were planning to release an Ouya 2 in 2014 with a new controller already in the works.

Source: Venture Beat